New Launch release: Enhanced Live Video Channels
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Where To Dance New Launch release: Enhanced Live Video Channels

Last modified on March 9th 2024, 10:14PM
Where To Dance - Where To Dance New Launch release: Enhanced Live Video Channels

We are beyond excited to announce the official launch of our enhanced Video Channels component. This significant upgrade unlocks a new realm of connectivity, sharing, and discovery within the global dance community, perfectly aligning with our mission.

Dive into Dance Like Never Before

Our Video Channels are now seamlessly integrated into each of our 27 major dance categories, spanning 190 individual dance styles. This adds a rich layer to our dance category portals, allowing you to explore content ranging from ballet to Latin dance, or delve deeper into specific styles like bachata or classical ballet.

Submit Your YouTube Videos

Our Video Submissions allow you to use your YouTube Video IDs as a the source video. If you already have a YouTube Video online it super easy to submit your videos. We untilize YouTube as the video provider. 

Introducing the Live Video Channels

Our "live" channels are akin to the classic TV channels of yesteryear, offering continuous content related to a chosen dance style without actual live broadcasting. From educational resources to stunning performances, just select a category and immerse yourself in endless video content tailored to your dance interests.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Viewing

In line with this launch, our live video channels are ad-free, allowing you to enjoy content without interruptions. It's the perfect way to explore and learn about the vast array of dance styles available, inspired by my own journey into dance.

A Technical Launch with More to Come

While we've unlocked these capabilities, not every category has video channels populated yet. We invite you to join our community and contribute your content.

Streamlined Submission and Approval

We've simplified the submission process, ensuring that sharing your video content is as straightforward as possible. As we moderate all content, we promise a swift approval process.

Tailor Your Viewing Experience

Our platform is accessible on all devices, offering four viewing states—audio-enabled, fullscreen, exit fullscreen, and mute—with just a click.

Contribute to the Community

This is your chance to share your knowledge, showcase performances, and actively participate in the dance community. Your contributions can enrich our collective understanding and appreciation of dance.

Laying the Groundwork for Future Expansions

We envision a future where dance portals serve as gateways to a world of community, knowledge, and interaction, offering both local-focused City Views and broader dance category-focused Portal Views. Our Live Video Channels are just the beginning of bringing these visions to life.

Getting Started Is Easy

Stay tuned for an upcoming video showcasing these new features in depth. In the meantime, getting started with submitting your video content to Where To Dance is straightforward:

  1. Register/Sign Up: If you haven't already, create an account on Where To Dance.
  2. Navigate to My Account: Once logged in, go to the "My Account" section.
  3. Submit Your Video: Look for the "Submit Your Video" option and follow the simple steps to share your dance video with the world.

It's that easy! Join us now and be part of this exciting journey in dance, contributing to a vibrant and diverse community that celebrates the art of movement.

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Samuel Newton

Co-founder of WhereToDance

Samuel Newton has gracefully moved to the rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Swing, and Ballroom, cherishing every step and turn. His love for dance extends beyond the dance floor – it's in the laughter shared during a dance lesson, the applause after a performance, and the connections made in a dance hall.

Recognizing the vibrancy and potential of the dance community, Samuel, along with Sarah Hamilton, co-founded both and WhereToDance. Their vision was simple yet profound: to cultivate a platform where dancers, both novices and veterans, could connect, learn, and grow. Samuel's dedication is not just about mastering dance steps; it's about fostering a community where every dancer feels at home.

When he's not dancing or working on Where To Dance, Samuel can be found attending dance events, immersing himself in the ever-evolving world of dance, and continuously seeking avenues to help the dance community flourish.

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