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Where To Dance Embarks on an Exciting Journey with YouTube Video Submissions

Last modified on November 26th 2023, 7:58PM
Where To Dance - Embarks on an Exciting Journey with YouTube Video Submissions is thrilled to announce the launch of our YouTube video submission system, a feature that promises to revolutionize the way dance content creators connect with their audience. This marks another significant step in our continuous effort to add innovative features and capabilities to our platform.

Why Submit Your Dance Videos?

The inclusion of your YouTube videos in our major category pages and sub-pages offers unparalleled exposure. Reach the audience you desire and be a pioneer in your chosen dance style. Whether you're a solo dancer, a dance studio, or an organization, this is your opportunity to shine on a global stage.

A Platform Under Construction

Our category pages are undergoing extensive development. If you find a category or subset that seems sparse, it's simply because we're in the process of enriching these areas with valuable content. Don't let an empty category deter you – it might be the perfect opportunity to be the first to showcase your talent.

Rapid Growth and Future Prospects

It's been just about two weeks since our launch, and we're already making tremendous progress in rolling out new features. We're not just building a website; we're creating a dynamic representation of the ever-evolving dance community. Each interaction on contributes to its growth and adaptation to user preferences.

Participate and Make a Difference

Today marks a historic day for and the larger dance community. This is your chance to not just watch but actively participate and help shape what will become. Your videos, your interactions, your passion for dance – all of it will have a lasting impact on our platform.

We warmly welcome everyone to be a part of this exciting journey. Let's make history together!

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Samuel Newton

Co-founder of WhereToDance

Samuel Newton has gracefully moved to the rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Swing, and Ballroom, cherishing every step and turn. His love for dance extends beyond the dance floor – it's in the laughter shared during a dance lesson, the applause after a performance, and the connections made in a dance hall.

Recognizing the vibrancy and potential of the dance community, Samuel, along with Sarah Hamilton, co-founded both and WhereToDance. Their vision was simple yet profound: to cultivate a platform where dancers, both novices and veterans, could connect, learn, and grow. Samuel's dedication is not just about mastering dance steps; it's about fostering a community where every dancer feels at home.

When he's not dancing or working on Where To Dance, Samuel can be found attending dance events, immersing himself in the ever-evolving world of dance, and continuously seeking avenues to help the dance community flourish.

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